3rd hijab tutorial

Last Saturday I went to Masjid Sunda Kelapa attending recitation held by RISKA started from 9.30 - 12.00 (Dzuhur time). I was with my boyf, Anke, Tenny, and Anke's cousin. There were many pretty and modest girls right there, huwaaww.. alhamdulillahh.. I love to see more and more girls wearing hijab now, and they're modest yet stylish.. *kiss*


When I were listening the recitation, there's a girl asked me to share hijab that I was wearing. So then before we had dzuhur time, I did share how to make the hijab style at the toilet in Mesjid Sunda Kelapa,, heheuu,, kinda shy actually, cause there're a lot of girls suspiciosly glanced at us at that time.. :$

Oya, this what I wore

Then we're all had praying time. When me and Anke were just about to leave Masjid, there's a cute girl asked me how to wear my hijab.. aaaaaaaa.. unfortunately I was in a rush so I couldnt share to her how I make my hijab like I did before.. Her name is Imma, so I only gave her my contact number and promised her to make a tutorial.. 

So here it is my 3rd Hijab Tutorial special for Imma.. 

1. Put your shawl over your head, one side is longer than the other
2. Place the shorter side next to your face and the longer side next to your ears
3. Take the longer side to the back
4. Then take it over your nape 

5. Now the longer one will be at the same side as the shorter one
6. Take the longer side next to your ears then pin it to make it secure and neat
7. Then take it over to the other side covering your neck
8. And take it next to your ears then pin it to make it secure and neat

9. Take the longer side of your shawl to the back
10. Then pin it at the back to make it secure and neat (make sure your nape fully covered)
11. Now, take the shorter part, twist it
12. Then roll it

13. Keep rolling the shorter part of you shawl, then pin it to make it secure and neat.
14. The look from the shorter part of your shawl 
15. The look from the longer part of your shawl (you can add brooch to make it nicer)
16. Done

Oya, this hijab style is inspired by Suchi Utami. I did email her first when I was going to make this post, she's so kind.. :) 

I hope you like it as Imma does,, ^_^

Don't be shy if you want to ask me, just drop your questions on the comment box below.. :)

Aunty can

all photograps taken by : my ogre ; edited by: me 


2nd hijab tutorial

I got an idea to make this kind of hijab style on the day I'm about to go to RS Jakarta to control my braces last Thursday. 

good, no ? :$

My dentist who has just 3 weeks wearing hijab (alhamdulilah) liked it then she asked me to share this hijab style before she pull,,, then put,,, then twist all the stuffs into my mouth :D I did starting to make that hijab style all over again from the beginning like these pictures im going to share,, ^_^

1. Put your shawl on your shoulder, one side is longer than the other
2. Fold a snatch part of the shorter one
3. And put it over your head crossway
4. Then pin it to make it secure and neat

5. Take the longer part of your shawl
6. And put it over your head crossway - reverse with the shorter part to make a triangle  
7. Take it to the back over your nape 
8. Now the longer side of your shawl will be in the same position as the beginning

9. Take the longer side of your shawl next to your ears then pin it to make it secure
10. Then take it over to the other side covering your neck
11. And pin it next to your ears
12. Then take the longer side to the back

13. And pin it at the back to make it secure and neat
14. Done
15. The look from the longer side of your shawl (you can see the triangle accent)
16. The look from the shorter side of your shawl 

This style kinda look like turban style i think.. 

Hope you like it as my dentist does *wink*

aunty can

all the photographs taken by: my ogre ; edited by : me (as usual, heheuu.. :p)



It is really hard to understand why people envy others with no reason. We, as a human has our own uniqueness that others don't have, even twins are always not totally the same right? 

I think this pict described enough how that little boy already have an ice cream but still craving for the girl's. 

Just explore what we have and be grateful,,!!! Then we'll love our life more and more.. :*


Oya, this entry made specially for my bestie thea, just remember they're just too much care about you,,,!! haha,, ngok! 


Rather than still keep wondering why they act like that, why don't we sing this song :D



marry me

Found this video on Facebook,, the first time I saw this video tears suddenly came out of my eyes,, 
ahahaha... -_- 

I had teary eyed when Ginny's dad said: "i would love to have you as a son in law"


oya, did you notice the back sound? yes it's Marry me by Train. Super love the song before i watched that video.. 

okay, have you done singing the song? heheu.. :D

nooww,, i have some questions for you to answer :
1. in your opinion, what's the best scene in that video - the marriage proposal one of course :p ?
2. what is your dream marriage proposal? (hope your boyf read your answer *wink*)
3. for you who had being proposed or had proposed, please share your experience, this question is just want to reminiscing that sweet moment.. aawwwhh... *blush* *eh?*

see you soon on comment box below,,

aunty can


1st hijab tutorial

Accidentally folding around my hijab,, tadaaa.. 

then my friends said they liked it and asked me how to make it.

So here it is, my first hijab tutorial.. special for Anke.. *kiss*

1. Fold your hijab into triangle shaped (just a snatch part of it)
2. Put it over your head, one side longer than the other.
3. Place the longer side next to your face and the shorter one next to your ears.
4. Pin it at the top, to make it secure.

5. Hold your shorter part of hijab to your ears 
6. Grab the back part of your hijab.
7. Pull it to the front.
8. Pin the back part of hijab and the shorter part of your hijab next to your ears.

9. Pin the back part of your hijab at the back of your head to make it secure and neat.
10. Twist the shorter part of your hijab over to the other side covering your neck.
11. Pin it just right next to your ears.
12. Take a snatch part of the longer side of your hijab to add a drapery accent.

12. And pin it at the back to make it secure. Use brooch to make it nicer.
14. The look from the longer side of hijab (you can see the drapery accent).
15. The look from the shorter side of hijab (neat and simple)
16. Done :)

oya, this hijab style is inspired by Dian Pelangi and Hana Tajima.. 

hope you like it..
aunty can

Taken by: my Ogre
Edited by: Me


excited yet nervous

Last Saturday was a busy yet happy day for me, Alhamdulillah..

Morning - Noon, me and boyf went to some venues for building survey (heh? what we called in english?). The point is we were making a survey for our preparation,, Bismillahh,,

I have already expected that this will be exhausting,,!! But,,, I was happy too,, In a certain building we met a granny who's take care of the building book, i dont know what it is use to called, maybe the book keeper?? She's expert in some kind of preparation. That was our second meeting. At the first meeting we were very satisfied cause she's very very helpful for people like us, who have nothing in mind how to start the preparation. She's very firm and sincere, although she's like the marketer of the building, she explained the details without any persuasion (heh? i cant find any word! help). At the end of conversation, after we said assalamualaikum, she stared at my boyf and said: "the bride will be very beautiful, mas.." Awwwhhh,,, I was flattered cause i didn't expect she'll say like that cause she's very FIRM. Like the easy-angry-granny-but-very-helpful-and-expert.

We answered at the same time:
Boyf: "Thank youuu *blush* "
Me : "Aminnn... *grin* "

Ater that, we went into our car, discussed it, then realized. "Why we're response like that?" The person who should blushing was me,,,!! And the person who should smiling and grin was my boyf. Ahahaha.... All mixed cause we're very excited yet nervous I think!

Afternoon - Night, we went to All Fresh to buy lettuces and apples for my papa item acem.. :* This is already fixed in our schedule!! Ehehehe... Go to supermarket to buy papa's meals!!! :p

Then we went home, got ready for the next schedule, which was : Attending wedding ceremony,,, (hoshh,,!! wedding invitations are so many!! almost every Sat and Sunday..!!) The wedding was held in TMII, it was garden party. We were late at that time cause traffic was like hell!! meehh.. -______- And become worst when it's rain. Yes, it was rain and it was garden party!! Aaaaaaaaaa.... how's the venue? decoration?? the bride and the groom??

While we're on our way, me and boyf pray, wish the rain stopped! 5 minutes before we arrived the rain stopped, Alhamdulillah. I think the wedding will be nice and romantic if it's not rain, unfortunately the venue was wetty, but we still can see the happy smile from the newly weds esp. from the bride :) congratulations!! happy for you both..!

So the lesson learned is : it's wise if we choose indoor than outdoor party in Jakarta. As we know the weather now is unpredictable.

The lesson learned for us: eat before come to wedding ceremony, cause we cant predict the traffic. Late > meals already run out > hungry. ehehehe.. :p

So, after that, we went to McD, we chose drive thru, cause it was very very crowded inside at that time!! huwaaawww... 

He was starving, like an OGRE...!!! raaawwwwwwwwwwrrrr..!!!!!

Another ogre's face cause of traffic and starving,  myehehehe,,, 

This what I wore that night

abaya - mecca (Seng Market), dress as additional accent - bali, shawl - tenabang, neklace as head piece - mom's, buckle - dunia baru (Bandung)

How's your weekend girls? hope you have a wonderful one!!

Aunty can


Pak Sartono

Pagi ini saya dapet Broadcast Message (BM) dari teman waktu saya SMU, sekarang dia kerja jadi guru, ih,, unyuhh yaa,,, ;)

Isi dari BM nya:

"Dear All,
Mengajak teman-teman menggalang dana untuk Bpk. Sartono, pencipta lagu Hymne Guru : usia 75 th, selama 22 th menjadi guru honorer dengan gaji 60rb/bln. Sekarang beliau tidak berpenghasilan, bahkan royalti dari lagu yang diciptakan pun tidak ada: karena itu, radio Ms Tri menggalang dana sebagai bakti untuk beliau: Info lengkap, silahkan hubungi Lisa: 081311471506 (Radio Ms Tri Jakarta). penggalangan dana bpk sartono dompet hymne guru: Kalau ingin transfer ke No rek BCA: 084 066 2322 a/n Radio Ms tri.. Tolong di boosting ke teman2 yang lain yaa.."

Waktu baca BM itu, di otak saya langsung bilang: whaattt?? 60 ribu/bln makan apaaa? Subhanallah ini kok ga ada penghargaan sama sekali sama guru, dan bpk sartono ialah pencipta lagu hymne guru. 

Rasanya langsung pengen forward BM itu ke semua contacts, tapi,, karena akhir2 ini banyak penipuan, sepertinya baik kalo sebelum mem-forward apa pun itu, kita adakan sedikit research apa bener yang nyiptain hymne guru itu bpk sartono. Saya sama sekali ga tau siapa yang nyiptain lagu hymne guru, duh parah yaaa,, tapi kalo lagu nya, insyaAllah hafal :) 

Yaaa... even bukan yang nyiptain, namanya menolong, siapa pun pasti ditolong, tapi takut aja kalo ada orang yang iseng make up story yang gak bener.. Saya penasaran banget sama cerita nya pak sartono, pasti ada tulisan yang nyeritain ttg beliau. Saya juga penasaran seperti apa rupa pak sartono.. 

Akhirnya,, setelah cari2,, dapet deh tulisan mengenai bpk sartono di sini. Ternyata bener Pak Sartono lah pencipta lagu hymne guru, dan memang bener juga pak sartono ialah guru honorer dan ga diangkat2 jadi PNS sampai pensiun, astaghfirullahh,, Dan tulisan itu dibuat tahun 2008 loh... Jadi,, saya putuskan untuk mem-forward tulisan itu (by rixco) lewat blog saya, mudah2 an tambah banyak orang yang baca, dan tambah banyak orang yang tau, dan banyak juga perhatian ke bapak guru kita - pak sartono, amin,,

(waktu pertama liat gambar ini, rasanya pengen peluuuukkkkk trus nanyi bareng, heheuu,,,, *ga pernah ngerasain punya kakek*)

Nah,, kalo masalah Radio Ms Tri jakarta, terus terang aja saya belum pernah denger radio nya,, dan setelah saya cari2 di om google, dapet deh alamat nya: 

Tapiii,,,,, kok ga bisa dibuka yaaa?? akhirnya setelah saya cari2 lagi, dapet info twitter nya Ms Tri FM, dan di time line nya pun rame dgn hashtag #DompetHymneGuru

Alhamdulillahh,, ketemu deh,, :) jadi sok ateuuhh teman2 silahkan dihubungi Ms Tri FM untuk info lebih lanjut,, semoga kita semua bisa selalu saling membantu,, :)

Auntycan - yang lagi kangen sama sekolah, heheu.. :*


aglio olio

One saturday afternoon, me and boyf went to Grand Indonesia to buy some lettuces, apples, olive oil, anything healthy for my father in Ranch Market - he's now in a treatment under Dr. Tan Shot Yen, maybe you've ever heard about her. 

Because i'm not a discipline kind of person, i often skip breakfast and i bet you know what will happen in lunch time. I eat A LOT!! i mean it. A LOT!!! is it described enough?? 

Then i suddenly remembered that there's a tasty yet cheap nasi goreng ikan teri (fried in Ranch Market - of course in a BIG portion. So what do i have to wait??


After all the stuffs has paid, i went to the nearest chair then sit, open the menu, searched for nasi goreng ikan teri, page 1,, page 2,, page 3,, then last page... wakwaaawwww...!!! there's NO nasi goreng ikan teri!!!!!!! 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........... It's different from Ranch Market in Pondok Indah or Oakwood..!!! It's Ninety Nine restaurant,, 

I know my boyf already felt the negativity in me.. im going to get mad like fiona (the ogre one, the green one, you know? you know? i know you know!!! you have to know!! okey enough -__- )

Then he chose one meal for me which is nasi goreng kampung - no ikan teri in it, confirmed by the waiter, huks! (i love ikan teri so much,,crunchy and salty). He, as usual chose western food, spaghetti aglio olio.. 

The good part is, they served the meals just in a right time for someone who's starving like me. Nasi goreng (without ikan teri) was GOOD. And the aglio olio was TREMENDEOUSLY YUMMEEEHHHH... :9 There're some fresh olives, mushrooms, smoked beef and spices... and the good news is: we can add parmesan cheese as much as we want!  nyammm...

Want it agaiiiiinnn....!!! 

My boyf suggested to make my own aglio olio.. :) of course i do agree with him cause i love to cook...!!! then i search the recipe, then found the recipe in this blog. I tried to make it with a little modification!

This is it...!!! Spaghetti Aglio olio a la Aunty Can ^__^ 

And this was my boyf said,,,

ihihihihi.. *blush* 

i know ninety nine's still more delicious than mine, but I was very happy cause:
1. i learn new recipe
2. my boyf loves it :D

so girls, who said cooking is hard?! just TRY it first.. happy cooking *kiss*



shoes shoes shoes

Have i told you that i do really love shoes???!!!!! no?
Okey.. i dont? what?? i do!! i do love shoes..!!! raawwwrrr....!!!! I have some pairs of shoes and my father always be the victim of it! yes cause it cost him! heheu.. love you pa.. :*

There are 7 days in a week and 8 shoes are never enough for girls.. agree with me? yes, i see the girl behind there nodding :D yes,, you..! ahhaa..! *wink*

i found this pict - eva longoria and her collections.. aaaaawwwhhh...!!!! suddenly i feel like there're some butterflies in my stomach,,
feels like you're about to meet your boyf,, you know what i mean? really excited!!
and i scream : "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... i want it all!!!!!"

so i saved the pict then share it just to remind you boys:  "give us shoes when we're mad! :D"



I found a good quote in Twitter, then forwarded it to my boyf through Direct Message with a little modification.
to: ardi_basaltyo
“You may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you’ll be always my favorite color forever. > brown is my fav hun.”
I think that quote is totally true for me since my boyf is a little bit brownie ( i said a little bit hun, don’t be mad at me :p) and i do love brown (most of my hijab and clothes are brown, even my spv knows brown is my fav color cause she noticed that i wear brown 3 out of 5 days in a week)
And i just love to tease him, the more he gets angry the more i love him.. :*.When he gets angry, in my imagination he’s being transformed into OGRE…!!! Raaawwwrrrrr….!!!
That’s why in the end of conversation i said:
“then what? Greeennnn???!!!” :p
Love you still my OGRE
Fiona - (the beautiful one, not the green one *please see the pict above*:p)
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