2nd hijab tutorial

I got an idea to make this kind of hijab style on the day I'm about to go to RS Jakarta to control my braces last Thursday. 

good, no ? :$

My dentist who has just 3 weeks wearing hijab (alhamdulilah) liked it then she asked me to share this hijab style before she pull,,, then put,,, then twist all the stuffs into my mouth :D I did starting to make that hijab style all over again from the beginning like these pictures im going to share,, ^_^

1. Put your shawl on your shoulder, one side is longer than the other
2. Fold a snatch part of the shorter one
3. And put it over your head crossway
4. Then pin it to make it secure and neat

5. Take the longer part of your shawl
6. And put it over your head crossway - reverse with the shorter part to make a triangle  
7. Take it to the back over your nape 
8. Now the longer side of your shawl will be in the same position as the beginning

9. Take the longer side of your shawl next to your ears then pin it to make it secure
10. Then take it over to the other side covering your neck
11. And pin it next to your ears
12. Then take the longer side to the back

13. And pin it at the back to make it secure and neat
14. Done
15. The look from the longer side of your shawl (you can see the triangle accent)
16. The look from the shorter side of your shawl 

This style kinda look like turban style i think.. 

Hope you like it as my dentist does *wink*

aunty can

all the photographs taken by: my ogre ; edited by : me (as usual, heheuu.. :p)


  1. i hope you make a video tutorial for this style too. inspiring!
    follow me back,please :)

  2. thank you,,, kinda shy actually if i have to make video tutorial, but i'll try,, ^_^ done follow you back :)

  3. Thankyou :)
    May i get the link of video tutorial for this style,please?
    Asalamualaikum :)

  4. @ aulia: I'll tell you asap when the video is UP.. :)

  5. May i know, what kind of material u use for the shawl? TQ

  6. assalamualaikum..

    I've wathced your tutorial from you tube and theen I found your blog while I did blogwalking :)

    have done followed you, follow me back dear :)

  7. Really like ur style sis ^·^ thnx for sharing yak! Surely I'll follow this blog.. Hehe


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