3rd hijab tutorial

Last Saturday I went to Masjid Sunda Kelapa attending recitation held by RISKA started from 9.30 - 12.00 (Dzuhur time). I was with my boyf, Anke, Tenny, and Anke's cousin. There were many pretty and modest girls right there, huwaaww.. alhamdulillahh.. I love to see more and more girls wearing hijab now, and they're modest yet stylish.. *kiss*


When I were listening the recitation, there's a girl asked me to share hijab that I was wearing. So then before we had dzuhur time, I did share how to make the hijab style at the toilet in Mesjid Sunda Kelapa,, heheuu,, kinda shy actually, cause there're a lot of girls suspiciosly glanced at us at that time.. :$

Oya, this what I wore

Then we're all had praying time. When me and Anke were just about to leave Masjid, there's a cute girl asked me how to wear my hijab.. aaaaaaaa.. unfortunately I was in a rush so I couldnt share to her how I make my hijab like I did before.. Her name is Imma, so I only gave her my contact number and promised her to make a tutorial.. 

So here it is my 3rd Hijab Tutorial special for Imma.. 

1. Put your shawl over your head, one side is longer than the other
2. Place the shorter side next to your face and the longer side next to your ears
3. Take the longer side to the back
4. Then take it over your nape 

5. Now the longer one will be at the same side as the shorter one
6. Take the longer side next to your ears then pin it to make it secure and neat
7. Then take it over to the other side covering your neck
8. And take it next to your ears then pin it to make it secure and neat

9. Take the longer side of your shawl to the back
10. Then pin it at the back to make it secure and neat (make sure your nape fully covered)
11. Now, take the shorter part, twist it
12. Then roll it

13. Keep rolling the shorter part of you shawl, then pin it to make it secure and neat.
14. The look from the shorter part of your shawl 
15. The look from the longer part of your shawl (you can add brooch to make it nicer)
16. Done

Oya, this hijab style is inspired by Suchi Utami. I did email her first when I was going to make this post, she's so kind.. :) 

I hope you like it as Imma does,, ^_^

Don't be shy if you want to ask me, just drop your questions on the comment box below.. :)

Aunty can

all photograps taken by : my ogre ; edited by: me 


  1. hii..i jst want to knw how to wrap pashmina???can u help??thnk u...

  2. Assalamualaikum, detaaa.. Aaa love your hijab style here, gaya suchi jadi banyak variasinya ya, bau2 ini aku juga liat gaya yang mirip gini tapi ga ditwist bagian pendeknya, si mbak2 moshaict yang pake hehe

  3. @Anonymous: hi,, actually i dont really understand with your question,, but i'll try to answer,, you can use pashmina on the tutorial above, just make sure the pashmina is big enough so you can wrap it into many styles.. thanks!

    @peni: waalaikumsalam peni,, :) iya banyak variasi nya,, aku mau buat tutorial lagi yg variasi lain tp belum sempet,, :p hoya? yang di blog kamu itu yah? aku udah liat kmrn,, hihi,, baguuss..

  4. mbakk saya udah add fb nya, saya mau beli phasminanya mbakk,tolong donggg,gimana caranya??

  5. kak, itu shawl yg dipake semua koleksi such kah ?
    ukuran brp?

    soalnya ak kalo pake tutorial2 kakak,
    pake shawl yg pnjangnya 180x60cm selalu gak bisa :(

  6. hi weareEVE.. :) semua yang dipake koleksi : auntycan :)

    for more info about the size, price and the material, please visit :


  7. Assalam, actually im looking for this hijab, where to find it? with loves, from kuala lumpur, malaysia :)

  8. wow!that's grate!nice hijab style i love it and i like it ,,create more this is nice hijab excellent!thank you for being tutorial terimah kasih!

    1. Alhamdulillah,, 😊 thank you so much,, very glad that you love it..


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