aglio olio

One saturday afternoon, me and boyf went to Grand Indonesia to buy some lettuces, apples, olive oil, anything healthy for my father in Ranch Market - he's now in a treatment under Dr. Tan Shot Yen, maybe you've ever heard about her. 

Because i'm not a discipline kind of person, i often skip breakfast and i bet you know what will happen in lunch time. I eat A LOT!! i mean it. A LOT!!! is it described enough?? 

Then i suddenly remembered that there's a tasty yet cheap nasi goreng ikan teri (fried in Ranch Market - of course in a BIG portion. So what do i have to wait??


After all the stuffs has paid, i went to the nearest chair then sit, open the menu, searched for nasi goreng ikan teri, page 1,, page 2,, page 3,, then last page... wakwaaawwww...!!! there's NO nasi goreng ikan teri!!!!!!! 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........... It's different from Ranch Market in Pondok Indah or Oakwood..!!! It's Ninety Nine restaurant,, 

I know my boyf already felt the negativity in me.. im going to get mad like fiona (the ogre one, the green one, you know? you know? i know you know!!! you have to know!! okey enough -__- )

Then he chose one meal for me which is nasi goreng kampung - no ikan teri in it, confirmed by the waiter, huks! (i love ikan teri so much,,crunchy and salty). He, as usual chose western food, spaghetti aglio olio.. 

The good part is, they served the meals just in a right time for someone who's starving like me. Nasi goreng (without ikan teri) was GOOD. And the aglio olio was TREMENDEOUSLY YUMMEEEHHHH... :9 There're some fresh olives, mushrooms, smoked beef and spices... and the good news is: we can add parmesan cheese as much as we want!  nyammm...

Want it agaiiiiinnn....!!! 

My boyf suggested to make my own aglio olio.. :) of course i do agree with him cause i love to cook...!!! then i search the recipe, then found the recipe in this blog. I tried to make it with a little modification!

This is it...!!! Spaghetti Aglio olio a la Aunty Can ^__^ 

And this was my boyf said,,,

ihihihihi.. *blush* 

i know ninety nine's still more delicious than mine, but I was very happy cause:
1. i learn new recipe
2. my boyf loves it :D

so girls, who said cooking is hard?! just TRY it first.. happy cooking *kiss*


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