excited yet nervous

Last Saturday was a busy yet happy day for me, Alhamdulillah..

Morning - Noon, me and boyf went to some venues for building survey (heh? what we called in english?). The point is we were making a survey for our preparation,, Bismillahh,,

I have already expected that this will be exhausting,,!! But,,, I was happy too,, In a certain building we met a granny who's take care of the building book, i dont know what it is use to called, maybe the book keeper?? She's expert in some kind of preparation. That was our second meeting. At the first meeting we were very satisfied cause she's very very helpful for people like us, who have nothing in mind how to start the preparation. She's very firm and sincere, although she's like the marketer of the building, she explained the details without any persuasion (heh? i cant find any word! help). At the end of conversation, after we said assalamualaikum, she stared at my boyf and said: "the bride will be very beautiful, mas.." Awwwhhh,,, I was flattered cause i didn't expect she'll say like that cause she's very FIRM. Like the easy-angry-granny-but-very-helpful-and-expert.

We answered at the same time:
Boyf: "Thank youuu *blush* "
Me : "Aminnn... *grin* "

Ater that, we went into our car, discussed it, then realized. "Why we're response like that?" The person who should blushing was me,,,!! And the person who should smiling and grin was my boyf. Ahahaha.... All mixed cause we're very excited yet nervous I think!

Afternoon - Night, we went to All Fresh to buy lettuces and apples for my papa item acem.. :* This is already fixed in our schedule!! Ehehehe... Go to supermarket to buy papa's meals!!! :p

Then we went home, got ready for the next schedule, which was : Attending wedding ceremony,,, (hoshh,,!! wedding invitations are so many!! almost every Sat and Sunday..!!) The wedding was held in TMII, it was garden party. We were late at that time cause traffic was like hell!! meehh.. -______- And become worst when it's rain. Yes, it was rain and it was garden party!! Aaaaaaaaaa.... how's the venue? decoration?? the bride and the groom??

While we're on our way, me and boyf pray, wish the rain stopped! 5 minutes before we arrived the rain stopped, Alhamdulillah. I think the wedding will be nice and romantic if it's not rain, unfortunately the venue was wetty, but we still can see the happy smile from the newly weds esp. from the bride :) congratulations!! happy for you both..!

So the lesson learned is : it's wise if we choose indoor than outdoor party in Jakarta. As we know the weather now is unpredictable.

The lesson learned for us: eat before come to wedding ceremony, cause we cant predict the traffic. Late > meals already run out > hungry. ehehehe.. :p

So, after that, we went to McD, we chose drive thru, cause it was very very crowded inside at that time!! huwaaawww... 

He was starving, like an OGRE...!!! raaawwwwwwwwwwrrrr..!!!!!

Another ogre's face cause of traffic and starving,  myehehehe,,, 

This what I wore that night

abaya - mecca (Seng Market), dress as additional accent - bali, shawl - tenabang, neklace as head piece - mom's, buckle - dunia baru (Bandung)

How's your weekend girls? hope you have a wonderful one!!

Aunty can


  1. Det, salam dari temen-temen Ade di Oracle Indonesia, jangan lupa undang-undang ya hehehe...

  2. yaampun sampe dibaca sama ryan,, aaaa.. malu dehhh.. :$ iya salam juga yah, salam kenal :D
    insyaAllah ryan, doain, ya diundang ateuuhh..


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