marry me

Found this video on Facebook,, the first time I saw this video tears suddenly came out of my eyes,, 
ahahaha... -_- 

I had teary eyed when Ginny's dad said: "i would love to have you as a son in law"


oya, did you notice the back sound? yes it's Marry me by Train. Super love the song before i watched that video.. 

okay, have you done singing the song? heheu.. :D

nooww,, i have some questions for you to answer :
1. in your opinion, what's the best scene in that video - the marriage proposal one of course :p ?
2. what is your dream marriage proposal? (hope your boyf read your answer *wink*)
3. for you who had being proposed or had proposed, please share your experience, this question is just want to reminiscing that sweet moment.. aawwwhh... *blush* *eh?*

see you soon on comment box below,,

aunty can


  1. Assalamualaikum sist,..

    just to share my experience being proposed by him. He proposed me after we watched romantic drama movie, but i forgot title of the movie (i'm sorry dear...)and when the movie ended, he proposed me while we still sit on cinema building. unforgettable =)

    1. waalaikumsalam,,

      so sweet,,!!! hope you have a happily ever after wonderful marriage life!! aamiin,, so happy to know the story behind,, ^_^


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