I found a good quote in Twitter, then forwarded it to my boyf through Direct Message with a little modification.
to: ardi_basaltyo
“You may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you’ll be always my favorite color forever. > brown is my fav hun.”
I think that quote is totally true for me since my boyf is a little bit brownie ( i said a little bit hun, don’t be mad at me :p) and i do love brown (most of my hijab and clothes are brown, even my spv knows brown is my fav color cause she noticed that i wear brown 3 out of 5 days in a week)
And i just love to tease him, the more he gets angry the more i love him.. :*.When he gets angry, in my imagination he’s being transformed into OGRE…!!! Raaawwwrrrrr….!!!
That’s why in the end of conversation i said:
“then what? Greeennnn???!!!” :p
Love you still my OGRE
Fiona - (the beautiful one, not the green one *please see the pict above*:p)

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