photo shoot

surrounded by wonderful people.. ^_^ Alhamdulillah!

some pictures from last Sunday with my best Jeju Island who has helped me took some photos for my newborn online boutique Aunty can :) and recorded some hijab tutorial videos for my blog.. uhuhuhu.. happy... :D

potato gratin for us.. :D 
also baked some chocolava.. yayy..!!  Got the recipe from masterchef Australia website and made it with a little modification.. :)
don't forget the video editor who's enjoying the dessert...^_^ 
my ogre.... :*
miss him... :'( 

oya, I'll have my first Bazaar tomorrow.. wish me luck.. 

Aunty can


Alhamdulillah finally i got an opportunity to have an online boutique which also named Aunty can.. and I think it's good if the Aunty can's tag can be used as a bookmark,, :D

So, here it is, i'll share some pictures how to change Aunty can's tag into your cute bookmark.. ^_^

by the way, that's one of my favorite book "The New Secrets of Style" by the editors of InStyle,, :)

forgot already about accounting I think,, ihihi.. kidding.. :p

Aunty can


5th Hijab tutorial

another hijab tutorial... *kiss*

This video was recorded by : Jeju Island and edited by: my Ogre
inspired by: suchi utami.. :)

aunty can

4th Hijab Tutorial

Hope you like it.. ^_^

This video was recorded by : Jeju Island and edited by: my Ogre 

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :*
Aunty can


Super Cute Keiko... ^_^

Super fun weekend because lot of my mom's cousins and aunts come to our house,, yayyy..!!!

Proudly present to you one of my cousin - 7 yrs old Keiko... ^_^ 

doesn't she look super cute...? 


All photographs taken by: me - edited by: me - stylist : me (heheuu,, :p)


Sung-Bong Choi

Again, got teary eyed since the first 3 minutes of this video... wakwaaawwww... -_-

And I do agree with one of the judges who said: "I just want him to be happy....!!! From NOW on...."

"Passionately runs toward what he really wants" --> Word!


Yayyyy...!!!! cheering for you Sung-Bong...!!! *gym* *gym*

Aunty can
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