2nd bazaar

grateful that I got an opportunity to contribute in Ramadhan Bazaar held by Ministry of Health

some pictures from auntycan's Bazaar 

the preparation
I got all the styling-thingy from my Mom :)
with my beautiful cousin 
the booth
thanks for visiting auntycan's booth ^_^

hijab tutorial :) 
that mannequin is a gift from Zeisa's Mom :*
another hijab tutorial from Ajeng (my brother's gf) 
meet my another cousin :)
meet Me :p
meet my everything :*

it's time to go home,,
one last photo shoot, two i mean :p

Alhamdulillahh im so happy,, happy until now.. :)

thank you so much Mama, Uda, Adek, Ajeng.. and of course Mba Yuli,, *kissess and hugs*

love love love love love you all


  1. lovin all the different ways of the haed gear. looks amazing

  2. dear sista cantik... kalo aku pengen beli shawlnya gmna caranya yaah?? biar bisa praktek tutorial dai kamu.. hehe.. sudah aku add fb nya (inem karmito).. syukron ukhtii...


  3. @yuyun: sudah aku approve :) makasi yaaa


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