baby raisa

ye ye ye,,, another niece,,, 

beautiful raisa,,,!!!

look aunty,,, i can wink my eyes already,, 

Subhanallahh,, uuubbberrr cuuuuutteee,,!! 

all pictures above was taken by Raisa's dad which is my friend since elementary school,, He's very happy and sent me some of Raisa's pictures,, makes me wanna jump to meet her soon,,!! aaaaaaaaaaa,,, 
then me and my Ogre went to Raisa's last Sunday to meet up with 
this cute little baby Raisa,, aawwww...

 who want's to be aunty can's model? | Me.. me.. mee..!!!

 first pose with Nemo,, 

cant wait to dress her up *kiss*

congratulations for your new baby born Risa and Kiki.. 
happy for you both,, 

PS:Tomorrow I'll have my 2nd Bazaar at Ministry of Health.. 
wish me luck


Keep modest yet stylish

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