Lombok - Gili Trawangan

There are 3 beautiful Gilis ( in Lombok : Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. And I had a super duper great time at Gili Trawangan...!! Looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the island! Love Love Love!

First will share some picts on my way from our hotel at Senggigi Beach to Bangsal Harbour 
Bapak taxi driver were enjoying an amazing scenery while having a breakfast
What a good life,, ^_^
took some pictures at Malibu 2 Beach
Arrived at Bangsal Harbour, buy a unique hat for only IDR 10K and this is handmade!
we need to reach our boat by Cidomo (CIkar-DOkar-MObil),, excited!
heading to Gili Trawangan
touch down Gili Trawangan,, \^_^/
Om Dino (our Tour Guide) said in Gilis there's no thief whatsoever. So no worries,, we can put all the things we have while we're snorkeling anywhere we want, and if we're forget to take them back, in the next day we can found them in the same place. Thumbs up :)
   my beautiful mom did snorkeling too,, rock!
unfortunately i dont have any pictures of nemo and the gank inside the island, will post it soon when i already got the pictures :)
done playing around with nemo and the gank.. 
but still wanna transform myself into a mermaid for an hour, hihi,, :p
some of Hotel or Inn at Gili Trawangan, beautiful!
will be back, promise,,! see you soon.. :* 



 PS: For more info about gilis in Lombok, just please follow : @ourgili on Twitter. :)


  1. detaaa..., simpanin dong and kirim sama tek des
    ke kantor foto" yg di lombok.. terima kasih sebelumnya yaaa..

  2. @irma: iyah bagus sekali ma pantainya, subhanallah bgt...
    @om yul : oke siap laksanakan om.. :D

  3. punya pengalaman lucu waktu naik cidomo, hehehe, pas kita lagi muterin gili trawangan tiba-tiba ada barang yang jatuh, kusirnya ngambil barang itu, pas kusirnya masih di bawah tiba-tiba kudanya lari, hahaha, udah takut aja mau masuk ke dalam pantai, untungnya kusirnya sigap :D

  4. @fenty fahminnansih: ehehehehe,, pasti deg2an bangaatt,, itu kmrn foto disebelah kuda aja deg2an, apalagi dibawa lari sm si kuda,, :p

  5. cidomo, ayam taliwang, plecing, ares...sudah dicoba smuanya say?
    btw, gak sklian dive disana?
    seru loh :)

  6. @zizuzan: kl makanan sudah coba mbak, hehe.. tukang makan :p tp kl dive aku ky ny belum berani deh,, ehehe,, parno an :p mungkin next coba diving,, hihi,,


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