Colorful Macarons

Inspired by pretty colors of macarons, I decided to make this collection,, :) aaannnddd,,, breastfeeding friendly dress is in this collection, guess which is which ^__^

Dedicated to all muslimah who try to keep modest yet stylish

Thanks to hubby who made the video (best so far, hehe..)
PS : next post is about hijab tuto,, yaayy!!! excited,, hope you'll like it.. :)

sneak peek ^_^



Black Salmon

Playing makeup again, and hubby was so kind to take (some) pictures of me, hehe.. :D





Love playing make-up :) 
And become more curious about makeup since I have to do the makeup for my auntycan's photo shoot by myself.

Then some friends asked me how I do my make up, which products do I apply, etc.. so it gives me an idea to have makeup blog with my very best friend and makeup guru Thea ^_^ 

It's F.A.T.E.-makeup , yayy,,!! 

gonna have lots of fun with Thea.. :') very excited,,!

PS : not as pro as Puyi do, no,, not yet, haha,, I just do what I love, love what I do, smile everyday :)



Color Blocking

Love playing with colors ^_^

cotton shawl : auntycan
aisha pants : auntycan
cardigan : unbranded

I think this color palette's gonna be my favorites :)



Do What You Love

Recent addiction : listening to this song, hehe.. 
this keeps me smiling all day.. and be grateful for every little thing I got,, :)

I knew this song from : WendysLookBook.

Thanks to Wendy Nguyen for the inspiration, I watched all her video on YouTube, so cool! 

Love You!


Mr. Photographer and Mrs. Make-up Artist

Feel very lucky if I can make new friends, and that happened to me when I prepared my wedding and had to deal with many vendors, and there's some vendors that.. humm,, seems like we're connected and voilaa,, we become friends! (not vendors anymore :D yay) 

And our new friends are the talented couple Mr. Photographer and Mrs. Make-up Artist, Mas Irawan and Puyi from The Photoworks :)

This time, the one that has a project is Puyi :) She wanted to join make-up artist search held by Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 and asked me to become her Model,, ;)

The final look,, 

Alhamdulillahh she made it into 30 Semi Finalist,,!! yayyy,,, congratulations,,!!! 
me was super duper happy,, ^_^

but there's another surprise, Puyi can't join the next step because,,, at the same time she had to have a baby deliver. Congratulations once agaiiinnn Mommy Puyiii <3

 Abimael Lugas Adepi Bumi a.k.a Baby Lugas, he's soooo cuuutteee,, 

And another creative project that they made is.... this video clip made by Mas Irawan,, 
so beautiful and touchy :')

Envy them by being very creative,, hehe,,

Congratulations for you both, kisses for Baby Lugas,, <3


PS : By the way, I really love the eye make-up that Puyi did in this project

Finally I can wink my eye.. :p





Kampung Sampireun

yup, another late post,, 

Not gonna skip this one, because I want to recommend you girls, another holiday destination that has a really really beautiful scenery,, It's Kampung Sampireun, in Garut, West Java, Indonesia :)

 Ready to go,,!! 
Kimi's mom made us a super delish lasagna,, yayy!! 
 Had a great time there with my Kluirgi Drimi (Mame, Jejo, Kimi) and an intruder ~ my hubby, ahaha,, Weird!
 view from our terrace at night, captured by Jejo,, very beautiful, masyaAllah,,
playing Congklak (traditional children
The hotel staffs brought our dinner using getek (traditional, and served right through our terrace, very unique! 
And they successfully made us shocked at the very first time we heard suspicious sound from the lake, haha,, -__- silly! thought there was a scary 'something' appeared from the very dark lake :p
Morning View

Fish frenzy,, :D

we were very happy, that was just like a sweet escape,, :)  The weather was nice, the air was clean, the scenery was amazing,, come come visit Garut,, :)
Last Picture - Strike a pose!!

I love people I can be weird with - @TedInRealLife

Me miss you girls,, *kisses*


PS : please visit @mamalinna on twitter to get that super delish lasagna ;) <3


KL, June (part 2)

The Wedding 
Els is sooooo preeetttyyyy,, <3

  Love the decoration

with the bride and the girls,, ^_^

Keep Modest Yet Stylish

PS: Next post is still about travelling, it's in Indonesia, Garut, West Java with my giiiirrrlllssss,,, :) Actually me is filming all the tutorials,, Aja Aja Fighting!!


KL, June (part 1)

As I told you from the previous post, there will be a recap since I lost in nowhere (haha,, too much!) and not updating my blog,, :)

June, me and hubby have an opportunity to visit KL for our friend's wedding,, and I don't know why I (and hubby) just love KL and miss KL already in the next 2 days after we back to JKT,,

 welcoming rainbow, pretty... masyaAllah

 met auntycan's customer, her name is Zainiah in front of our Lobby Hotel, she's so sweet and pretty

see yaa in the next post,,

love you!
keep modest yet stylish


I'm Back..!! :)

Hi there,, me really miss blogging, miss youuuuu my dearest friends and apologize for not updating my blog for a couple months since I have an instagram account,, heu,,

btw, this pose was inspired by a humble and pretty lady Shea Rasol

Recently, for me instagram-ing is way much easier to express my feelings and thoughts through pictures, and I think it would be too much if I post pictures in instagram and blog as well, so I was run out of ideas what should I post in my blog,,,!! haha,,

But I think, i'll post more pictures in my blog, cos I realize I do love blogging, yaayy..! And promise to myself will update my blog at least once a week,, *fingers-crossed*

look how struggle was I to pose like her, haha,, 

Next post is a recap of pictures and anything that I found interesting for me, and I hope for you too ;)


PS: oya, insyaAllah i'll have a webstore in the next two months, it's and I really need your support and your doa, Bismillah,, :) Aaannnd, go meet me in instagram (anindeta) *kiss*


10th hijab tutorial

Usually wear this hijab style when Im in a rush,, :p because it's very simple and easy,, :)

Hope you like it..


Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (May 23, 2012)

Meet my hijab mates,,!! What a surprise,,, ^_^

Hepi - Dini - Fury (our bride to be :* ) - Me

This time, we attended fashion show by:

APPMI Moeslem Wear `INTO THE FUTURE` by Tuty Adib, Jeny Tjahyawati, Dian pelangi, Nuniek Mawardi

my favorite, Plastic Doll by Dian Pelangi :)

unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures there, just please visit Dini's blog here or the official website of JF3 ( for more info ;)

Shawl by Auntycan
Shoes by Nine West
Bag by Furla

Will be back next year, InsyaAllah,, :)

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