Sin-Tax and Flinstones

I saw this on my boyf's FB page, he wrote 
sad, indeed! how we are actually endorsing this lifestyle and not feeling concerned at all..

 that sentence really make me curious to open this video he posted

yes, this is very sad, indeed,,! 
and I think we're, Indonesians really really need Sin-Tax 
one of the thing that i got in this video is : 
really, smoking is soooooo laaasssstt decade,, not cool at all!!!

it's just like wearing mr. flinstones' clothes... -___-

PS : mr. flinstones, please wake up! i love you :)


9th hijab tutorial

continuing from my previous post, so here it is,, 
the latest hijab tutorial specially made for fasionesedaily which is the same with the one that I was wearing on JFW 2012.. yayy! ^_^

i love the hair-look-alike and the drapery effect,, ;)

hope you like it :)

bunch of love

PS: I would like to thank to all of you my friends who love to read my blog,, :) Thank you so much for all good comments, advice, and love,, ^_^
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