I'm Back..!! :)

Hi there,, me really miss blogging, miss youuuuu my dearest friends and apologize for not updating my blog for a couple months since I have an instagram account,, heu,,

btw, this pose was inspired by a humble and pretty lady Shea Rasol

Recently, for me instagram-ing is way much easier to express my feelings and thoughts through pictures, and I think it would be too much if I post pictures in instagram and blog as well, so I was run out of ideas what should I post in my blog,,,!! haha,,

But I think, i'll post more pictures in my blog, cos I realize I do love blogging, yaayy..! And promise to myself will update my blog at least once a week,, *fingers-crossed*

look how struggle was I to pose like her, haha,, 

Next post is a recap of pictures and anything that I found interesting for me, and I hope for you too ;)


PS: oya, insyaAllah i'll have a webstore in the next two months, it's and I really need your support and your doa, Bismillah,, :) Aaannnd, go meet me in instagram (anindeta) *kiss*


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