Kampung Sampireun

yup, another late post,, 

Not gonna skip this one, because I want to recommend you girls, another holiday destination that has a really really beautiful scenery,, It's Kampung Sampireun, in Garut, West Java, Indonesia :)

 Ready to go,,!! 
Kimi's mom made us a super delish lasagna,, yayy!! 
 Had a great time there with my Kluirgi Drimi (Mame, Jejo, Kimi) and an intruder ~ my hubby, ahaha,, Weird!
 view from our terrace at night, captured by Jejo,, very beautiful, masyaAllah,,
playing Congklak (traditional children
The hotel staffs brought our dinner using getek (traditional, and served right through our terrace, very unique! 
And they successfully made us shocked at the very first time we heard suspicious sound from the lake, haha,, -__- silly! thought there was a scary 'something' appeared from the very dark lake :p
Morning View

Fish frenzy,, :D

we were very happy, that was just like a sweet escape,, :)  The weather was nice, the air was clean, the scenery was amazing,, come come visit Garut,, :)
Last Picture - Strike a pose!!

I love people I can be weird with - @TedInRealLife

Me miss you girls,, *kisses*


PS : please visit @mamalinna on twitter to get that super delish lasagna ;) <3

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