Mr. Photographer and Mrs. Make-up Artist

Feel very lucky if I can make new friends, and that happened to me when I prepared my wedding and had to deal with many vendors, and there's some vendors that.. humm,, seems like we're connected and voilaa,, we become friends! (not vendors anymore :D yay) 

And our new friends are the talented couple Mr. Photographer and Mrs. Make-up Artist, Mas Irawan and Puyi from The Photoworks :)

This time, the one that has a project is Puyi :) She wanted to join make-up artist search held by Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 and asked me to become her Model,, ;)

The final look,, 

Alhamdulillahh she made it into 30 Semi Finalist,,!! yayyy,,, congratulations,,!!! 
me was super duper happy,, ^_^

but there's another surprise, Puyi can't join the next step because,,, at the same time she had to have a baby deliver. Congratulations once agaiiinnn Mommy Puyiii <3

 Abimael Lugas Adepi Bumi a.k.a Baby Lugas, he's soooo cuuutteee,, 

And another creative project that they made is.... this video clip made by Mas Irawan,, 
so beautiful and touchy :')

Envy them by being very creative,, hehe,,

Congratulations for you both, kisses for Baby Lugas,, <3


PS : By the way, I really love the eye make-up that Puyi did in this project

Finally I can wink my eye.. :p





  1. love the make up and the photos :*

  2. Lovely photos! Very feminine styles - they suit you. @saritaagerman

    1. thank you so much,, ^_^

      i've read your blog, very inspiring,, :)


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