1st Wedding Anniversary

Today. 1 year ago. 

at this hour 9:00 AM

and, i still can feel it now


i'm the happiest girl alive


feels like it just happened yesterday


i had through a very wonderful year with you dear my hubby

a man

that have

a very sexy heart and brain

my role model

 for being a grateful and humble person

the most importantly is

you lead me to find our endless happiness, Jannah (insyaAllah)

I love you so much

insyaAllah, you will always be in my Dua

your grumpy wifey



Starting to wear socks since January 2013,

my learning process to be a better muslimah



Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

a very late post, but a very interesting one for me..

This year me and my petite label auntycan participated in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013  .. such a dream come true,, Alhamdulillah,,

Remember last year when I first time visited the first IFW in 2012, I wondered "could I be one of the exhibitor?"  then part of my self answered "that would be so great if I could, but I don't think I'm ready for it"

I was so happy that auntycan passed the curation process and Allah is so kind, He helped me a lot to go through it, so much blessings,, Now I believe the power of mind. I posted about IFW 2012 a year ago here and said "will come next year for sure,, ^_^" 

I consider this as another step for auntycan for a wonderful tomorrow although I'm taking one small step at a time, Bismillah,, :)

now we have prime auntycan, and I'm so excited for this new project! :)

 I was surprised when eyang Titiek Puspa asked me if I could share the table with her. She was very humble.. such an inspiration

my two lovely friends, they're very supportive, thank you Dini and Irma :*

Thank you so much for coming, thank you
live hijab tutorial :)

my two favorite men who helped me a lot! i love you

with Fika.. so friendly and sincere,,

Thank you so much to all my customers, blogger friends, collage friends, high school friends who dropped by and give me your support,, can not thank enough. It's such a warm feeling knowing that I'm supported by many people surround me,, alhamdulillah,,

InsyaAllah next year I can contribute in Fashion Show, aamiin,, 


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