12th hijab tutorial

Actually I made it before Ramadhan means before I decided to Hijrah, you can read the details in Work in Progress post), 
that's why the hijab style is not covering the chest.. But if you read the Work in Progress post already, you will know the reason why I still post this hijab tutorial,, :)


1. Place your scarf on the top of your head, then pin it on one side ( I pin it on my left side)
Tempatkan jilbab di atas kepala dan di-pentul di salah satu bagian supaya jilbab nya ga berantakan (di foto ini saya pentul di bagian kiri saya)

2. Bring the right side to the left side then secure it below your left ear with brooch or pin.
Ambil bagian sebelah kanan ke sebelah kiri, dan sematkan bros atau pentul di bawah telinga kiri.

3,4,5,6 Bring the left side to back then place it over your head, and pin it.
Ambil bagian sebelah kiri dan bawa ke blakang sampai memutar ke atas kepala, lalu sematkan jarum pentul.

Actually this tutorial is a modification from my 10th hijab tutorial,,

I deeply honor all muslimah who wear hijab, no matter what style they use, let's we hold our hands together, appreciate and support each other :)

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